Information and Advice eLearning modules

Housing can be a complex area. This course aims to give you the key information you need to provide the best possible support to older people needing advice on their housing options.

We're thrilled you've joined Age UK as a volunteer! This module will help you get to know us.

Scams can affect anyone and there are an increasing number of scams designed to cheat you out of money or steal your identity. However, you can avoid being deceived by a scam if you know what to look for. This e-learning module will help you to help others recognise and avoid scams.

If you're a first point of contact for people coming to Age UK for help then our "First five minutes" course is for you! It will help you provide good customer service to clients in the first five minutes of your interaction with them. Using photos, videos, audio and printable information, it looks at how to use a range of skills, including:

  • active listening techniques
  • questioning techniques
  • positive body language
  • starting and ending conversations in the correct way
  • and signposting and referring clients to the support they need.

We hope you enjoy the course!

This eLearning module provides all the information you need to be a Call in Time volunteer. It is broken down into 7 module and should take you 30 minutes to complete.

Click onto the module name above and then on the next screen "Enter" to start the module.

Welcome to this eLearning module that will provide you with an introduction to Energy Efficiency and Advice. The module is broken down into three parts, and each part should take no longer than twenty minutes to complete.

If you need to leave the course at any time and return, this is fine. Once you restart the module you will be taken to the page you were using when left.

In order to launch the module please click on this link 'Energy Efficiency and Advice' to launch the course.

On the next screen press enter to begin the eLearning module. The module will then load and you will be given instructions on how to complete the training.